Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August is for WIPs

I'm trying to clean out the hidden WIPs stashed all over the place. Mainly just because I actually want to have some nice new sweaters for the fall!

I dug a scarf that's been languishing since last fall. It's just a simple 1x1 rib out of some gorgeous Knit Picks Shamrock. I had 6 balls in 3 different colors, so I'm doing just big blocks of color. I'm on the final color now, a lovely green. It vaguely looks like the Irish flag, with a coppery brown/gold at one end, cream in the middle, and the green at the other end. I worked on it for about 3 hours on Sunday night and almost finished up one ball, I'm hoping that a few more episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and Deadliest Catch will give me a chance to finish it up.


I've been working on a simple shrug this summer, but due to a size 8 needle and the miles of stockinette, it's taking a while. I'm one skein in now and it's already getting quite heavy. But at about $8 for the finished project that can just be tossed on whenever, I think I can make due.

August 4, 2010  (3)

I also dug out my CPH. I had some issues back in May when I was working on it. I failed to measure where to start my armhole for the left front, and was about an inch off, so I had to frog about 6 or 7 inches and try again. I sort of forgot that I needed to give it some attention, but I pulled it off the top of bookshelf yesterday and gave it some time. I finished up the piece and was able to seam it to the back piece today. I have the first few inches of the right front done (simple ribbing - I did both sides at the same time to ensure the same length), so I'm hoping to get a big chunk of that knocked out this evening while I watch Big Brother and Shark Week stuff.

August 4, 2010  (6)

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