Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Since everybody else is doing it...

Knitmas Knitting:

I don't really have a definite list... but here is a run down of some stuff in the works (hopefully...)

1. Mystery gift for Lauren... (which I'm working on now and hope to have done before the weekend)

2. the Skull Illusion scarf for my aunt (doesn't have to be done before the actual holiday)

3. something else for my mom (I have one thing done already)

4. random dishcloths

5. random hats

We'll see what I actually get done... I don't really have a lot of time for knitting in the next 10 days or so, but after that, it should open up a bit. I also have a lot of free time over the holiday break to get some stuff done. It's hard even trying to to think of what to pack because of limited space while traveling. Oh well, I'll think about that later.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

omg secret pressie for ME??????????????? You really shouldn't let me tie up your xmas knitting ;-) But now I am totally excited!!!!!