Saturday, October 18, 2008


I booked my hotel room for my upcoming voyage back to the Midwest for Lauren's wedding. I'm super excited to be going and am so happy that I am able to afford it without issues. After the last few years of living with little to no money, being able to go means so much to me.

That being said... offered quite a few LOLz this morning during my search. Behold:

Click to enlarge. Seriously.

I ripped out Vince's Herringbone Scarf. I love the pattern but I just can't watch every row I knit. Once I have a chance to spend a little more time on a scarf, I'll definitely use this pattern again.

R.I.P. Herringbone Scarf

I'm now doing a 1x1 rib. It looks great and I'm already about 5 inches in since casting on yesterday at lunch. We watched a lot of TV last night. We were 2 weeks behind on "Heroes" and "Chuck." We also watched Thursday's "Supernatural" which was so cool and fun in black and white. I really love that show. It's very underrated, but I think if more people watched it, everyone would realize how great it really is. (And how incredibly gorgeous Jensen Ackles is.) I got about 4 1/2 inches done on the scarf while we watched all of that.

My bizarre urge to knit a hat the other night could not be quelled. I ended up casting on for a little beret/tam with a ball of Lion Brand Homespun that has been sitting in a basket on my nightstand for a few months. I'm not entirely sure what the colorway is. It was a random ball from the Oma stash. I'm not a huge fan of Homespun usually. I love the colorways, but I always end up with a mess when I knit with it. This time, I didn't have to fight the yarn to knit my project.


I just did a 1x1 ribbed edge then increased the first knit row, knit about an inch, then did another increase row. I knit until the yarn started running out then did a decrease row (ssk,k), then kept on knitting until there was about a yard left then slipped all the stitched off onto a tapestry needle and pulled it closed. I sewed the hole shut and tada! Hat. It looks very cute.



Anonymous said...

he looks cute. What kind is he? He looks a little corgi like.

Jessica said...

He's a Shiba Inu. It's a small Japanese breed. He sort of looks like a fox.