Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Night

We just got back from Target. I got my student loan refund check today and we've been wanting a Wii for a while so we decided to go for it. We ended up coming home with an Xbox 360 instead. They were out of Wiis (yet again) and since we both wanted both systems, we got the 360. It's very nice and pretty. We got Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed.

We're not playing now because we are watching the end of the OSU-Wisconsin game. It didn't start showing here until after the USC game was so far gone that they changed it. Apparently, they don't think that people in the West want to watch Big 10 games. Boo. But I'm glad they switched it over because we got to see the last 10 minutes and some great plays.

On the knitting side of things, I'm still churning out dishcloths like there's no tomorrow. I've finished 2 in the last few days. All I really have the time or energy for is mindless, small knitting. I need to print out a few new patterns for blanket squares. I can definitely keep working on those.

I have some yarn from Webs coming Monday to make this.

Since it has such an insanely weird name, I'm calling it Eskimo. I'm really looking forward to knitting it. It should be a quick knit with such chunky yarn. (The name of the yarn I ordered totally escapes me, but it was a steal at $2 a ball!)

And I really need to make some of these little poseable skeletons. They are so frakkin' cute.

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Lauren said...

omg i know we have casually looked for a Wii before and i can't believe its still impossible. Although, 360 WOOT omg can you bring it with you when you come visit??? haha ill play a little COD4 before the wedding so settle down ;-)