Saturday, September 20, 2008


Between work and school, I've been completely swamped and haven't had much time to focus on knitting. I was working on Vince's scarf and first realized that I had made up my own stitch pattern, then I mis-counted my stitches and am going to have pick out the entire row. It's going to take a long time to do it right because there are YOs every 4 stitches. I honestly just don't have the concentration right now to do it. I really need to finish it up in the next week or two before it gets too chilly here. (This is a old photo, but it's a scarf so it's not going to look all that different...)


My mindless knitting this week has been dishcloths. I have quite a stash of cotton built up so I decided that I should get a jump start on my random gift stash. I might use them as Christmas gifts or whatever. I might end up using some of them myself or listing a few on etsy. So far I've finished 5 and will have another one done tonight. They are good idle knitting for me.

I'm going to use the dishcloth pattern to make a few squares for Grandpa's blanket. I have 9 finished and just need to get a few more done soon. I thought that some easy garter stitch ones would be good.

I have put the laptop case on the back burner for now. I bought a nice bag at Target with a laptop case in it. (I just hunted all over their site for a picture of it and can't find it... Weird.) It's large enough for me to put books for school in there, my laptop, some knitting stuff and my little purse. I really like it. It has a chartreuse inner lining, very cute!

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