Thursday, June 05, 2008

The girl can't help it.

My socks haven't been touched in a few days. I've been concentrating on getting the Minimalist Cardigan done. I'm to the sleeve shaping on the fronts and should be able to get those done and ready to be blocked today or tomorrow. Maybe not today... we have Geeks Who Drink trivia tonight. We're on a hot streak having won last week!! Woo!

I'm working so hard to finish the MC because I want to knit quite a few other things but I am trying to not be a complete slag and actually finish a few BIG things before I start casting on for a million other things.

But I do have a nice little queue waiting - in no particular order...

Summer Tweed Lace Ribbon Scarf. I'm so excited to finally knit the gorgeous Rowan Summer Tweed Lauren got for me so long ago! Have I mentioned how much I am in love with everything Rowan puts out? I love their yarns! I will have to knit up a little swatch to see what size needles I will need. No one on Ravelry has knit this with Summer Tweed yet which really surprises me.

Nob Hill is also on the menu. I need to dig around and figure out what yarn to use. I might just double strand some stuff or look for some bulkier yarn in the stash. I'd really like to do it in colors similar to the ones in the photo, but I think the only bulky yarns I have are bright blue, red and black... We'll have to investigate.

I also have a few hats to knit: an earflap hat for a friend and a floppy hat for a friend's boss's daughter.

And last on the list for now is Alexa. I really need some short sleeved cardigans for the chilly evenings here in Boulder. I have some nice royal blue yarn that I think will look lovely with this. It's Caron One Pound, but I think it will knit up nicely for this. I'm lacking any sort of yarn budget right now so I'm knitting from the stash. It's time to get that thing under control!


Lauren said...

Yay i can't wait to see what you make with that tweed!!! I bet it will look awesome. I can't wait to see some pics of your cardigan either... because I have that in my queue I think... :-)

danielle said...

Congrats on your winning trivial venture. It's been a while since I've even tried. I've been a little slackidaisical on my Minimalist Cardigan, too. I think it's just getting too warm for that much yarn on the lap.