Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Roundup - Part 1

I took photos of a lot of things yesterday. A LOT. I've only managed to upload a fraction of them though. I'm re-configuring* my own computer(s) so I've been using Vince's. I have this nifty little Flickr uploading tool on mine that makes uploading photos take about .5 seconds. Doing it manually with the amount of photos I have takes more patience than I currently possess.

(These are not listed in the order they were completed. They're just listed.)

Calorimetry - I loved knitting this. It was fun, fast and the Noro was a perfect yarn for this.


In fact, I liked it so much, I made another one! I had a nice chunk of yarn left from the first one and I hate leaving little orphan balls in my stash. This one is smaller, but it's perfect for spring days in Boulder. It keeps my ears warm without making me super hot.

Oops. Okay, turns out I had only uploaded those 2 sets of photos. I'll try to get some more uploaded today or tomorrow.

*I own two computers. One has been in storage forever and one has been my personal slave that I beat to death with thousands of songs, photos and whatever else I can throw at it. The hard drive in that machine is almost full, so I thought I'd Frankencomputer them together to get a faster, bigger machine. I might stab myself with a tiny screwdriver before I get it all finished though. Thank goodness for friends who are computer geniuses.


Courtney said...

Did you use Noro Kureyon or another. I wanted to make one of these with Silk Garden Lite but am wondering if it will be too skinny?

Jessica said...

I used Kureyon. I think SGL would work right with the number of stitches cast on changed a bit. I looked through Ravelry and saw people who had made it with Kureyon and then read their mods. I'm sure people have made it with SGL.