Thursday, March 06, 2008

What good little knitters do.

My stash is a mess. Always has been. I'm sure it's better than some people's. I've been pretty good about pairing like yarns in ziploc bags and then shoving them into hiding spots. Most of my stash are orphans though. I don't usually buy yarn with projects in mind - something I'd like to change. I tend to buy things because it's pretty, it feels nice or it's one sale. Maybe all three. So I have a lot of single or double balls. That's the majority of my stash.

I'm trying to be good and match things up with patterns. I freely admit that I would not be doing this it it were not for Ravelry and my new printer. So far I've matched up quite a few things. I've printed patterns and shoved them into the bags along with the yarn. I'm really proud of myself. Now I have an actual working queue. Want to knit a scarf? I have 2 lacey ones waiting. Hat? I've got waiting so far. I should have more in just a little while. Charity knitting? I have a lot of pale pink Cotton-Ease that has been in my stash for about 5 years. I printed off two baby bootie patterns and am looking for those series of hats I queued the other day.

This all started because of my upcoming trip to Ohio. I'm finally off to see a surgeon about my stupid gimpy knee. I will be without the BF, the dog, the internet and the DVR for 2 weeks. I need things to knit.

On the Sesame front - I am having some issues with the sleeves. I want to shorten the sleeves just a bit --- but if I do, the stripes won't match up. Ugh. I guess I just have to deal with long sleeves.

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