Wednesday, December 05, 2007

OMFG. Christmas? Seriously?

Where the hell have I been? What the hell have I been thinking!?! I haven't gotten ANY of my Christmas knitting done. I just made a quick list and I need at least 9 hats, probably at least a dozen ballbands, maybe a scarf or two and finishing a blanket. Who am I kidding???

*deep breath*


Hats are easy. Hats take a few hours. Hats I can manage.


Also easy, also take just a little while. I need some more yarn though. I'm out of white.

Scarves don't really have to be fresh knit, I have quite a stash hidden away... the main one I'm worried about is the blanket. I want to finish it! I need it done and off my plate... Granted I haven't touched it in months but whatever...

I have 19 days. In that time, I have quite a lot of car time. At least 20 hours to Ohio and then the 20 hours back. Some things might get mailed after the holiday, but we're pushing for before.

Wish me luck!