Saturday, December 08, 2007

For the love of...


Seriously! Have I mentioned how much I love this website. I think I could spent my entire day on there and not get bored.

Today I got a message from a lady about a hat she was knitting. I just finished one with the same yarn. It was very neat being able to help her out.

I cast on for two Christmas gifts yesterday. A hat and a funky wrap/scarf thing. The hat is going well. It's a new pattern that I haven't tried before and I'm really enjoying it. The wrap/scarf is a complete experiment, so I might be knitting a disaster. We'll see. The dog really enjoys trying to steal the yarn from me though.

We gave him a ball of purple Fun Fur the other night and he was one happy camper.


Needless to say, the entire floor ended up covered in bits of purple, but he enjoyed himself, so it was worth it. The purple knot he made now lives on top of the bookshelf so he can't eat it when we're not watching.


Courtney said...

I know, Ravelry is amazing, it is such a resource, especially for yarn junkies like me who have lots of random stash that needs to be used. I love seeing what other people knit in specific yarns and love the ability to ask so many people questions about projects.

Crafty Kitten said...

I'm 5049th in line for an invite. :(