Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My feelings exactly.

From fourfour (aka the best recaps out there.)

So I just finished watching ANTM and I'm a bit annoyed that Heather got booted. Granted, she was kind of loosing her glory, but kicking her out over Chantal? I love Jenna so I'm glad she stayed. (For now at least, they always seem to decide that someone has a shitty personality and then give them crap about it. Seriously though girls, watch the previous seasons before you go. Jenna, Nigel may be pretty, but he has the sense of humor of dead hedgehog. He never gets jokes. The stick Caridee mentioned is still in his ass...)

Back to Chantal. I can't stand her. She has all the personality of an umbrella stand. And her face is WONKY! She never takes a good photo and she doesn't take direction well. They've gotten rid of people for much less.

Okay, so that was my completely non-knitting related pop culture rant for the evening.

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