Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hourglass Sweater: Part Deux

I frogged the sweater Monday, being a good little knitter and winding all the yarn into nice loose balls as I went. Go me! Then I put all the balls into a bag so I wouldn't go insane trying to find them later on. Another go me! Tuesday I cast on again.

I did manage to twist my cast on row, but I caught it in time and since the edge gets folded over and sewn up, no one will ever notice the tiny little bumps from my twisted knitting. :-) I got through all the decrease rows last night. I added a bit of length (5 rows) to the bottom before I started decreasing. I added some length last time, but I was a big stupid head and didn't make notes about that, well, not notes that could ever be read by anyone ever.

Overall, it's coming along nicely. It's much easier and faster to knit the second time around.


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