Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's getting crazy.

I know, I know! Two posts in two days. What is going on?!

Today was a busy hectic day. I got a new checking account. One that works here and in Boulder! One big annoying thing taken care of. My banker was very nice and sweet. I've heard good things about Chase so hopefully I won't have all the issues I did with my last bank. (They charged me a $200+ overdraft for THEIR error. Still trying to get that fixed...)

I also got car insurance on the car again. I haven't driven since the first week of February so it should be interesting to do that again. I drove Vince's car one day the few blocks from his place to mine and that's it since last winter! It wasn't too expensive and I'll probably end up getting a refund anyway since I'll have to switch it as soon as I get to Colorado.

I'm going to get a new driver's license and plates tomorrow. That should be fun... I'm bring a book with me for the wait.

Now back to packing and such. Woo.

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Lauren said...

Hope you feel better soon girlie! Thanks for letting me come visit you and your pile of moving boxes. :-D GET YOUR WHORE DONE! lol