Friday, June 01, 2007

Blues clues

I couldn't resist the lure of new kitchen cotton... I cast on for a ballband yesterday evening and finished it up this afternoon.

I made it with 9 stripes so it won't be ginormous. I think the 13 stripes just make it way too large for me.

I added the pink stripe just for the heck of it and to add some more color. I have little odd bits left of many different colors. I'm going to end up with all sorts of oddly striped ones by the end of summer.

I've set a goal to finish my Hourglass: June 10th. I am almost done with the first sleeve. I'd probably be much further along if I weren't using the most slippery and annoying DPNs on the face of the planet. I get irritated after about 45 minutes of knitting and just end up putting it down and knitting something else (Noro hat, ballbands, etc...) until I'm less pissed off.

I've taken my little break and I'm all set to finish the first sleeve tonight while watching some DVDs. Wish me luck!


dlj said...

Do you have circular needles in that size so you could Magic Loop or knit your sleeve on two circular needles? I ML'd mine and found it worked wonders.

Jessica said...

I only have the one long set I'm using for the sweater's body and then a set with a 12" cable. It might be worth it to just put the sweater's body on straights and try it that way. I need to learn how to do Magic Loop anyway. Can I do both at the same time that way?