Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hat tricks.

I have some photos of the finished and blocked IHS. It looks lovely, I'm just too tired to edit/upload photos. I wore the scarf out on Saturday morning to go bridesmaid dress shopping. By the afternoon, it was too hot to wear and it was happily living in my J.Crew bag.

I finished the grey hat for Nick on Thursday evening... And it was too large... It got frogged Friday. I'm going to re-knit it soon.


I finished the purple and pink Silk Garden hat, but I'm afraid it might be a little too small. I'm going to pull out the CO end and add some more length. I love the way the colorway knit up though.


I also started a very cute 4x2 pink and green striped hat. It's just some generic yarn that was in the stash, but the colors looked great together and I wanted to knit something especially for Project Spectrum. (I've been falling behind... I still haven't finished my grey scarf that I cast on at the beginning of this round.)

I have another hat in the works for as soon as Vince decides what kind of pattern he wants. He played in yarn for quite a while on Sunday night trying to pick out what he wanted.

I think that's all the knitting news... I honestly can't remember. I need some sleep.

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Lauren said...

You have been busy! Hat queen! I cant wait to see pics of them all... i think the green and pink one is going to be way cute.