Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey! Ho!


Howdy. I'm around. I'm knitting. It's been a stressful week so I've just been picking up things at random and knitting a few rows here and there. I really need to get my Hourglass back on the needles, but that takes patience and I lack that right now.

On the bright side, random knitting has meant getting a lot of my long, long, long forgotten second Irish Hiking Scarf some lovin'. I got quite a few repeats done last night while watching Lost and some other crap. I'm hoping that maybe random knitting time means I'll finish it sometime before next fall. I'd like to use those needles for other things some day.

I've also been working on Zombie Fred. He has a lot of mad scientist hair and eyes and will have the last bit of his second arm today. He had a mouth, but it looked terrible so I ripped it out. It sort of made him look like a freakish clown. Very creepy, but not in a good way.

My last knitted item that's getting attention is the second hand towel. It's coming along nicely. I just pick up a project whenever I sit on the couch and knit away.