Monday, January 29, 2007

Things I do when I should be doing other things.

I'm being trained for a new job at work. I'm excited about the new position but unfortunatley, the training has been interrupted by an audit. I've spent days digging through months of paperwork. Making copies of paperwork. Ripping staples out of paperwork. Stapling paperwork back together. Breaking my stapler... You know, the usual. During one of my long periods of boredom I started making lists in my head. Eventually the lists in my head made it to paper.

Today's list involved things I want knit or finish knitting.

In translation since my handwriting is all scribbled:
- 2 ballband handtowels for Mom
- hat for Zay
- robe for Zay (find yarn/adapt pattern)
- mittens
- beret from IK (red Cashmerino Astrakhan)
- zombies/robots
- felted boxes
- ballband for Aimee
- ballbands for me (! how do I not have a single one for myself?!)
- noro hat for me
- hourglass sweater (swatch!!!)

- log cabin
- rag rug (find and finish)
- red blanket

- socks


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