Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ode to a lost ball of yarn.

Why is it that whenever I don't need the second ball of yarn for a project it's always floating around being annoying and getting in my way... and as soon as I need it -- IT HAS VANISHED!


Where are you, oh second ball of Katia I saw on the couch last Sunday? Where could you have gone?

I checked in the cotton basket, I checked the John Lewis bag, I checked all my small project bags, I checked under my bed, under my desk, under the couch! I even checked at Z's. And you are no where to be found.

Did you run away to somewhere less damp and rainy (and if so why didn't you take me along)?

Dear second ball of yarn, please return so I can finish my Twiggy Bobble hat finally. I'm so close to being done! Just the decrease rows! But, alas, I cannot decrease without yarn...

I hope to find you waiting expectantly on my desk tomorrow when I return home from work. I would have thought that you would enjoy finally being something rather than just a ball in the bottom of a basket, maybe I was wrong, but I really want that hat and you have no choice in this matter.

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