Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hey Ho F-O!

OMFG. I finished something. Miracle of all miracles.


A simple garter stitch rug in random stripes. It's some old Red Heart bulky from the stash. Hopefully, it will help keep my floors a little warmer.

I finally got all the photos up of my Christmas and Birthday loot (with notes stating what they are and who gave them.)

tweedimpressionrowanluxrowandkreddbcsasreddbcdkmomnoroaimeezaybrownccube 1/7/2007

P.S. Still no sightings of the MIA Katia. I'm making up theories about Jazz Guy* sneaking over and stealing it now.

*The douche bag across the hall... Not sure if I've mentioned him before.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Damn girl, look at all that yarn!!! mmmmmm. Im jealous of all your generous relatives! Im also glad you finally found that missing skein, it was making me bonkers too. Oh, and cool rug. I swear I am going to get around to making you one someday! Hope you are having an OK day back at work today, byes!