Friday, November 17, 2006


That's my only expression right now!! My knitterly friend Lauren is coming to visit!!!

I find it very amusing that she's coming on quite possibly the most insane weekend possible in Columbus, Ohio --- The Ohio State/Michigan game. Yikes. Even I'm a little scared to be on campus at this time of year! I'm moving my car into a more secure location in a few minutes. (I'm parked in the tiny lot near the backdoor of my building which is right on the alley. Not too safe. I'm moving into the larger much more secure lot in between the two buildings. Hopefully there won't be too many fires tomorrow either. You might think I'm exaggerating...) It should still be fun, the number one and number two ranked college football teams in town at once. Just make sure you don't wear any blue in central Ohio in the next few days. If in doubt, wear red. Just wear red. I beg of you.


dani said...

Having lived 18 years of my life in lovely, scenic Columbus Ohio, you aren't exaggerating in the least. Hope all of your possessions are safe and sound!

Lauren said...

I vote that was the BEST weekend to visit! I had so much fun... watching the thousands of fans walk by your apartment back from the stadium. Maybe Im turning into an OSU fan after all.... go bucks!