Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One down...

A million to go! Well, maybe not a million, but a lot to go.


I knit my first ballband dishcloth yesterday. It's adorable and knit up so quickly!

ETA: I forgot the specs... Durrr...

Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Size 7 US metal (crap needles that I hate.)

Lily Sugar'n Cream in Strawberry Passion & White

Started about 3 pm 11/27/06, finished about 2 am 11/28/06. (I have a cold so I'm sleeping in weird bursts hence the being up and knitting at 2 am.)


Lauren said...

Woo! your blog looks great. :-D And you've inspired me to see if i can get a dishcloth or two in for xmas.

Jessica said...

Thanks, it was a lucky find.

You can do it! You've already made a few!