Monday, September 18, 2006

The heart of it all.

I've been back in Ohio since Friday. It's been really great. I can't believe how much I missed Columbus. I've already visited a few of my favourite places including The Dube. My new place is right across the street from two of the best restaurants in Columbus (in my opinion): The Indian Oven and The Blue Nile. There are places within walking distance. I even found a yarn store near Z's beloved Japanese grocer. Yay!

I haven't seen my place yet, I'm staying with Z. He took lots of photos of my place a few weeks ago and sent them to me. Our flats are almost identical, but he said mine is a little bigger. I can see my windows from his. I was wistfully staring at the building earlier and wishing that I didn't have to go back to Wilmington.

It's definitely going to be a big change to live in a place this small after being in my house for so long, but I can manage. There is some nice built in shelving in the flat and the gorgeous hardwoods make it really easy to forgive the lack of closet space. At least for now. I'm plotting various ways to fit all my stuff in the space. I know I'll be able to do it.

I'm giving away/selling for a freakishly cheap price about 3/4 of my stash. I just don't need to drag 100 lbs of yarn across the country with me. I dug through everything and picked out the yarn I will use and want to use. I don't need to keep things just to have them. (That's been the main lesson of the last few weeks!)

I brought a bag with my main current WIPs: the 2 IHS, the magic stripe socks and Fetching. I adore the Fetching pattern. So fast and so easy. I learned a lot from them too! It was really the perfect pattern for learning to do thumbs. I'm dying to knit a pair of mittens now. The second Fetching is almost done so I'll post all the details with the finished photos.


Lauren said...

Guess what. I FRIGGING RAN OUT OF YARN on my second fetching. *crying* Bah, now i have to buy a whole 'nother skein. But what to do with the rest of it? Make smaller fetchings? heh.

Jessica said...