Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sometimes knitting and watching the footy isn't such a good idea. I so got excited after the second Mexican goal that I lost count on my rows and just had to give up for a moment. But it was a damned good game!!

In the spirit of knitting and sport: The Knitting World Cup. I won't be participating, nevertheless, I think it's a great idea. Knit away!!

And I think I have to knit a Soccer Monkey now.


Lauren said...

soccer monkey!

You know i totally forgot to go to the yarn store and pick up my hourglass sweater yarn on saturday. oops...

is the clapotis yarn all unravelled and wound back into a sad little ball? :-(

Jessica said...

Yes, the clapotis yarn is now tucked into a corner in my yarn closet. I just need a little time off from it. Maybe after I finish the IHS.