Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Drop it like it's hot!

I just dropped my first stitch on clapotis. It was very exciting. I had to get on the Knitty Coffeeshop just to make sure I was doing it correctly because the instructions are a little wonky on that row. I'm glad it didn't fall off the needles or anything, at least knitting is going well even if I'm going to end up knitting in the dark at home if I don't make some real money soon. I made $5 today. I just keep sending good vibes to the workers next door - Work hard guys! Please! Get our store finished so all the sales reps don't end up poor and in the dark! Thanks!


Lauren said...

dude, you are marshie!!!!!!

I hate that frikken' marshmallow.


Do you know I have a teen girl squad tote bag I use for my knitting? it makes me uber-cool. ha!

Jessica said...

That's awesome!

I have a few different knitting bags. I have an Emily the Strange one with a cat on it that I love. And yes, I totally bought it at Hot Topic. LOL

Lauren said...

Yay for hot topic!!! My blue family guy tshirt from there is my most favorite tshirt.