Monday, April 03, 2006


Today was beautiful. It was so nice outside. It's that great time of year where it's warm, but not yet insanely, brain-meltingly humid outside. It was really windy, which seems to always be the case here. Sonia and I went for a walk around the loop at Wrightsville Beach, detouring slightly and walking on the beach for a while. We both took a thousand pictures and had a blast. The water is still freezing cold, as I found out when I walked in to wash the bird shit off my foot. There were a lot of surfers out. Most of them seemed pretty young, probably from about age 7-12. They had these little surf boards and were going crazy out in the water.

Tonight we had some really big thunderstorms. Even after the rain stopped you could still see the lightening flashing up in the sky, miles and miles away. I kind of wish I had been on the beach for that. I love sitting on the beach and watching the storms that are way out at sea. It's really amazing.

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