Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I've made a lot of progress on my wavy navy blanket. It's looking great. I think I have one stripe of grey and then one last stripe of navy to go. If I actually sit down to knit this week, I should get it finished. *crosses fingers*

Things on the roommate front are looking up! *squee* I posted an ad on myspace and got a few replies. The best one right now is coming to check out the house on Friday. I should start cleaning the place up! It's amazing how much of a slacker I can be when I'm alone. Sometimes the house is spotless and will stay that was for weeks, but I've been so busy the past 2 weeks. I've just been walking in the door and dumping everything into a heap on the coffee table. I really need to do dishes too. I hate doing dishes. When the kitchen gets remodeled, I'm pushing for a dishwasher!

Listening to :: Saint Etienne - Bad Photographer


Lauren said...

Wow! Nice blanket! What pattern is that? I really want to make a big person blanket. (im working on a baby blanket right now) Good luck with the roomate search too... (see if you can find a fellow knitter, haha)

Jessica said...

It's my own creation. I guess I probably should write up a pattern for it.