Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Things that scare me/things I never want to happen in my life:

I never want to wear sweatpants with the word "pink" across the ass. That just brings up many scary mental images.

I never want to be that scary lady who talks to random people in the store about scary personal things.

I'm sure I'll think of more later.


Last week while I was at work, I was loading all these Beanie Babies into this bin by the front door. For some reason, whenever I am in that area, people flock to it. It's highly annoying. On this evening, a woman and her daughter came up to the BB bin. Here is a excerpt of their conversation:

Daughter: [holding up BB] It amazes me how they make these things. They're so small.
Mother: Yeah.

Daughter: [holding up a red bull BB] Look! A pig!
Me: Um, I think that's actually a bull.
Daughter: Oh, right it is.
Mother: It kind of looks like that possum I ran over last week.
Daughter: *giggle*
Me: *runs away*

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