Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Project Spectrum update:

After the side to side garter stitch scarf I made earlier this year, I cast on for a blanket using the method. My favorite color is red and I had a nice collection of red yarns hiding out in the stash. So I dug through everything and found a ton of balls of red. I'm using the same needles that I used for the scarf. US 10 bamboo circulars. Mmm. I love these needles. They are never naked. As soon as I finish one thing with them, I have to get something else on them.

The blanket is moving along nicely, but I do have to admit that I got a little sick of plain garter stitch, so I decided to add some stockinette. I did about 16 inches in garter and now I'm going to add about double that length in stockinette, add another 16 inches of garter for the middle, another section of stockinette and then finish off with garter again. I don't think I'll have any issues with the stockinette rolling and if it does, I don't think I'll really mind.

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