Friday, March 31, 2006


I apparently missed the part on the Flickr FAQ page that says that only your last 200 photos are available for viewing. GAH!

I uploaded almost everything I have on my computer last night in an attempt to free some space on my hard drive... Well now I can't get to some of the photos of FO's that I wanted to blog about. Very annoying. So now in my poor, by poor I mean both broke and distraught at the thought of loosing 1564879 photos, I have purchased a ProAccount.

I've never had good luck with paid accounts on any website. Never. I've made gifts of paid accounts on several sites for friends and it's always ended in disaster. In one case, I purchased a paid account for myself, Shannon and someone else only to have the site go under within a few weeks. Damn you UJournal! If this ends up happening again, I might pull all my hair out in a fit of rage.

I also have to keep reminding myself that while $24.95 seems like a lot to me at the moment, see above mention of being broke, it comes out to a little over $2 a month. That's nothing! I pay $40 a month for internet service, $100(!!!!) a month for cable(bastards...), $45 a month for mobile phone service and who knows how much else for everything else, I think $2 a month is acceptable.

And since I'm paying for photos*, I shall post one for no good reason! Ha!

*I do have to admit that I really like Flickr. I like being able to blog directly from the site, I like Flickr Uploader I downloaded yesterday that makes uploading multiple photos so much easier and quicker.

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