Saturday, March 04, 2006

Catch Up Weekend

I have an entire weekend to myself. All alone! Time to defrag and enjoy my house.

I'm dogsitting for my parents this weekend while they're in Charlotte which is awesome because I get to hang out with Sydney all weekend. We curled up in the bed until well after noon today. So nice!

I'm going to try to spend as much of the weekend as possible catching up on a few things... Books, knitting, television shows piling up on my DVR. Last night I took a nice bath with my brand new flower bath pillow from Target. (Best dollar I spent all day!!) I read about 50 pages of a book that's been hovering near my bedside for a few months. I should be able to get it finished this weekend, as well as OotP(aka Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix).

Strange as it may seem, since OotP came out, I've only read it fully through once. I hated it. Hated it! So very much. Harry was so angry and I was angry at the book and my life all at once. I just didn't like the book very much. I don't know why, but I randomly picked it up the other day and started reading. Not even the UK version, which I think I started at some point and then just threw it down in disgust. Nope, I picked up the American paperback version that I bought in Food Lion one day because I felt guilty, like all the other American paperbacks on my shelf knew that there was a sibling missing. (I know I'm insane.)

Back on subject... I'd also like to make some progress on Clapotis, the striped blanket and the red side-to-side afghan. I don't know why I keep casting on for afghans. I think my brain feels the needs to reduce the stash. Afghans work wonders for that. I'm planning a side-to-side afghan for Mom too. It's going to be one of her Christmas presents. I've pulled some yarn from the stash for that. I was going for an all off-white-cream-light beige theme, but now that I've seen the colors for her new living room, I'm going to add in some darker shades of brown as well. She's going for a desert color scheme. I definitely have enough browns in the stash to add. It's one of those colors that I never, ever, ever knit with. I'm not a big brown fan in general, but when Oma gives you boxes and boxes of yarn, you don't refuse. You share and trade.

I would also like to knit Mom a lace Christmas tree skirt. When I first learned how to knit, she had mentioned wanting one. I finally feel like I could knit one without poking my own eyes out now.

Also on the list for the weekend:
-Go iceskating with Sonia and Jaime (T-minus 57 minutes)
-Go watch the Duke vs. Carolina game at BW3 with J-Dog and Bobby (T-minus 6 hours and some odd minutes)
-Buy a Duke shirt before said game
-Return gifts to Victoria's Secret, Kohl's and Target
-Re-pot house plants
-Wash dishes
-Watch a million episodes of Veronica Mars and Sex and the City
-Enjoy myself

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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