Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm freezing cold. I hope my heat starts working soon! I can see the scarves on the hook above the heater moving from the heat, but nothing is coming my way!

Wendy and Lauren went to see Vanilla Ice last night. I haven't seen them since the show, so I don't know how it was. I would have gone had it not been $20. Yeah, right. $20? For Vanilla Ice? In 2006? Sir Mix-a-lot is supposed to be coming soon too. I'm not sure when, but again, not sure I'd like to pay that much for one song.

I finally finished with Lauren's scarf. I put the last bit of fringe on it last night as the girls were getting ready to leave. It's so cute. It turned out really well. It's really, really long and I made the fringe very thick and long. I was going to take another picture, but the detail won't really show up.

I want to make a cabled scarf with these two really pretty balls of yarn I've had floating around for a while. I cast on for one, but the pattern was written for sport weight yarn and I'm using two bulkier yarns. I think I'm going to harvest the bits I can use out of the pattern I have and see how it goes. I do want to make the scarf from the pattern too, so I might dig out some yarn in the right weight. God knows I don't need to buy anymore yarn for a long time. I am on a yarn strike! No more until I make my way through some of this stash!


Zippianna said...

Good lord that's cold. Get all your knitting out and pile it on top of you. I've come over to gawk at your blog. It's pretty amazing you know. Keep posting. Interesting people are lovely to find on the knitting webs.. Lella

Jessica said...

Thanks for your nice comments! I was beginning to believe that my little blog was floating in the webberspace all alone.